November 9, 2010 | Barb Carr

Root Cause Analysis Tip: Let the TapRooT® 7-Step Process take you to the Root Causes…. Don’t force it!

We all have a natural tendency to push an investigation to the answer we “knew all along or really want to see”. Stop the urge and collect the facts first! The 7-Step Process was designed to fight this “urge”. So how do you know the “urge” may be trying to get back in power:

1. You only put the bad things on the Spring and Summer SnapCharT® and filter out want you assume to be non-important too early.

Solution: Have someone unfamiliar with the process being investigated read your Summer SnapCharT® out loud.

2. You select root causes because you feel that it would be a great corrective action.

Solution: Select the root causes based on whether that fact was on your SnapCharT® only.

3. You do not select a root cause even though the fact was on your SnapCharT® because you do not think management would do anything about it.

Solution: Example, if you selected “Noisy” and you know that management will not get rid of those loud two-story banging machines, still mark “noisy” as a problem. You will check it with a corrective action that can mitigate the “Noisy” situation.

4. You go through the 15 Human Performance Questions and flip the Root Cause Tree over. Instead of Red “X” ing anything with no blue check mark (tied to a yes from the 15 questions), you decide to look through the basic cause category anyway.

Solution: Use the process as taught and it will save you time.

What hints would you have added?

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