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Root Cause Analysis Tip: How To Install TapRooT® System Software In Windows Vista

Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of the Root Cause Analysis Tips Blog. In this blog I want to highlight our most frequented support article, the one in which we detail how to install the TapRooT® System Software in Windows Vista. We get plenty of calls and emails about this, and hopefully providing this information here will make someone’s life easier.

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How Do I Install the TapRooT® Software in Windows Vista?

Windows Vista adds an additional security measure with User Access Control (UAC). In Vista, when a user is logged in as an Administrator, it allows you to install software but if that software tries to update core files either during install or when the application runs, it may fail. By turning off User Access Control, you can eliminate that second level of security that causes error messages when trying to install the TapRooT® System Software.

NOTE: You can always turn UAC back on after the installation is complete.

1) Click on the Start Orb and above the button in the search box type in msconfig and press [Enter] on the keyboard.

Say [Yes] when prompted by User Access Control to allow this program to execute.

2) When the dialog box comes up click on the “Tools” tab, scroll down, select ‘Disable UAC’ as shown below, and press [Launch]

This opens a window and runs the selected command shown above. After completion, you will need to reboot before completing the TapRooT® System Software installation.

Installation Begin

1) With the CD in your drive go to Start – Computer and double click on your CD-Rom drive. Double click on the “TapSWv4” folder and run setup.exe.

2) The first time the program is run, the TapRooT® software will install the MSDE component. You will get a message stating “This program has known compatibility issues” When this appears, select the button that says [Run Program].

Once it completes the install, the setup program will close and you can then open the TapRooT® System Software normally by clicking on the icon on your desktop.

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