October 13, 2016 | Barb Carr

Root Cause Analysis Training in Denver!


Denver is a city of change and forward-thinking growth. Through the years, it has managed to keep it’s iconic midwestern, adventurous feel, while also adding a whole slew of new characteristics. This city is vibrant and well-rounded, you won’t be disappointed! Come check it out with TapRooT® November 3-4 for a 2-Day Incident Investigation public course to get the essential root cause analysis training you need to improve performance.

Things to do and eat:

Root Down: This “field to farm” unique Denver restaurant is a crowd favorite.

Sweet Action Ice Cream: Everyone loves classic chocolate & vanilla, but this local parlor creates flavors all its own.

Denver Art Museum: What better way to learn about Colorado’s Native American history and culture?

Confluence Park: A beautiful park to see the nature-side of Denver through trails, kayaking or tubing.



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