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Root Cause Network™ Newsletter

Root Cause Network Newsletter™

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I was looking at my connections on LinkedIn, and I noticed a large fraction have changed jobs in the past three years. That made me think … How many changed jobs but didn’t change their e-mail in their subscription to the Root Cause Newtwork™ Newsletter? Another question: How many of my LinkedIn connections have never heard of the Root Cause Network™ Newsletter?

What is the Root Cause Network™ Newsletter?

In March 1992, we started a paper newsletter called the Root Cause Network™ Newsletter. We wrote short but informative articles about:

  • root cause analysis,
  • incident investigation,
  • human performance,
  • performance improvement,
  • safety,
  • process safety,
  • accidents,
  • operational excellence,
  • quality improvement,
  • upcoming TapRooT® RCA Courses and events,
  • equipment reliability and asset management, and
  • other topics related to investigating, understanding, and fixing problems.

We started with a small circulation and a newsletter written once a quarter and ended up writing a newsletter every other month with a circulation of over 50,000 subscribers.

Root Cause Network® Newsletter

By 2014, we decided to convert to an electronic format delivered by e-mail and published our last paper newsletter and first electronic Root Cause Network™ Newsletter (above). It eventually transformed into the simple newsletter format shown below…

The articles in this format can be longer, but we keep things to the point. We also include three fun weekly features:

  • The Friday Joke,
  • How Far Away is Death, and
  • What is a Bad Day?

These fun and sometimes serious examples can make good topics for weekly safety presentations or toolbox safety meetings. Here are a few examples (just click on them to see the article)…

How Do You Register for the Root Cause Network™ Newsletter?

If you received the Root Cause Network™ Newsletter in the past and you stopped getting it, or if you would like to start your subscription, registering for the newsletter is simple. Just fill out the form at the bottom-right side of this page.

You need to click on an article at least once a quarter to continue to receive the newsletter (otherwise, our distribution software decides that you are “inactive” and removes you from the distribution).

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