August 23, 2006 | Mark Paradies


More people give bad advice on root cause analysis than give good advice.

Performance improvement – the same story.

Do you need examples? Try this. Look up root cause analysis on Wikipedia (here’s a link).

On the day I looked at Wikipedia’s section on root cause analysis (Wikipedia changes constantly) the root cause tools mentioned included 5-Whys, Fish-Bone Diagrams, and Fault Tree Analysis. Just click on the links to see why I know these are poor root cause analysis tools.

This is the type of BAD root cause analysis and performance improvement advice I see all the time.

Even Six Sigma Black Belts think that 5-Why’s, Brainstorming, and Fish-Bone Diagrams are good root cause analysis tools.

Sometimes I get tired of explaining why these techniques have been used for so many years with such mediocre results.

But what else can I do?

I need to enlist the help of every reader.

Get out there and explain why these basic tools fail to produce good root cause analysis. Then explain what people need to do to find the real root causes of human performance problems and equipment failures.

If you don’t know the right answer, it’s time you attended a 5-Day TapRooT® Advanced Root Cause Analysis Course and found out how to use effective root cause analysis tools both reactively and proactively.

Help me spread the word – people are being injured, jobs are being lost, and customers are getting poor quality products because people don’t know how to find root causes and improve performance.

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