February 18, 2009 |

Root Cause Tip: Attaching and Launching SnapCharT® Photos

Hello everyone, and welcome to your weekly Root Cause Tips blog. This week we’re going to take a look at attaching pictures to a SnapCharT® and some issues you may encounter. Particularly: What if you double click on your attached image and it doesn’t launch? The issue is with the default program associated with opening these files.

In SnapCharT®, you attach a file by right clicking on the object and choosing Launch:

After choosing the file you will see the Launch Icon above the shape. If you right click on it you’ll see two options:

If you choose Open and nothing happens, you need to change the Default Program used to open these files. This appears to only occur with images that by default  open with the Microsoft Picture and Fax Viewer.To change this, Launch Windows Explorer (Windows Key + E, or Start Button – Programs – Windows Explorer) and navigate to the file in question. Then right click on the file and choose Open With – Choose Program…

Instead of the default program, select Internet Explorer and then check the box to always open this type of file with this program:

However, the file will still not launch. In order to make it work correctly after this association, you need to right click on the Launch icon and choose Clear:

Then right click on the object again and choose Launch. Then pick the image file again, and double clicking on the Launch icon or right clicking and choosing Open should open the file correctly.Note that Internet Explorer is just one option. Any image viewer other than the default Microsoft Picture and Fax Viewer will be fine.

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Thanks for reading, we’ll talk more next week.

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