October 17, 2013 | Mark Paradies

Root Cause Analysis & Career Development Tip: How to Improve Investigation Efficiency

It’s frustrating to invest months completing a major investigation only to have it sent back to you for modification because management did not agree on the purpose and scope of the investigation. There is a way to avoid this that takes a little time upfront, but it’s well worth it when all of your efforts are appreciated and approved in the end.

Here are two important tips that will help avoid misunderstanding with management:

1. On major investigations, the investigator (or team) should provide management with frequent updates to keep them in the loop of the progress and potential findings.

2. If the team intends to make recommendations for corrective actions, they should be reviewed in advance with key managers whose departments will be affected. (For example, if a department will have to change the way they do something, or have to supply resources to implement the corrective actions, include them in the loop.)

Management understanding is just one of the tips highlighted in the 2008 TapRooT® Book. If you received a book in TapRooT® Training and skipped over Appendix C, you missed some other ideas that will make your job easier. If you don’t have a book you can learn more about what’s in it here:


Doing an investigation once with everyone on the same page saves time — a little extra effort toward management understanding can help you attain your goal and take a step forward in your career development.

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