September 15, 2009 | Dave Janney

Safety and Politics DO NOT Mix!

Here is the story:,0,2376721.story

It’s really easy to blame someone else for your problems.  In this case, a country (the US) that has nothing to do with regulating the industry is blamed.  Unbelievable.

No negative consequences (until the heat is really turned up) for not operating safely, weak oversight, poor infrastructure, and policy issues.  Oh, and by the way, our political buds will get us out of any trouble we might find ourselves in.

I only have two comments:

1. Finger pointing has never solved problems like this!
2. 10% of the world’s aircraft losses for a country with a small aviation footprint is NOT NORMAL.

I sure hope someone decides to put the politics aside and come up with a plan.  Grounding one carrier is not likely to improve the overall safety of aviation in this country. 

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