May 7, 2015 | Dave Janney

Safety Improvement Track at the Global TapRooT® Summit

There is still time to sign up for the safety improvement track at the Global TapRooT® Summit.

In addition to the blockbuster keynote speakers that every track will attend, we have a very special lineup of sessions for the safety track:

Kaizen Events using TapRooT® and the Root Cause Tree®

This session is one from the summit quality track that I added to the safety track. Why? Because in my previous life, I worked in both quality and safety departments, and there are two things I know; first, safety professionals can find great benefit in quality processes and tools, and two, most safety people have not had the benefit of being exposed to quality processes and tools. Kaizen Events are a great way to involve employees in your processes, and I know that for a safety program to be effective, employees must be involved. I am very excited about this session led by Amy Bratkovic.

Communicating Safety

Your safety message is only useful if people hear it (and understand and believe it)! UK communication’s consultants Clare Solomon and Mark Ormond are not only communication experts, they understand safety and how to specifically tailor messages to your company, environment, and culture. You will not want to miss this session.

The New Standard for OHS Management Systems – ISO 45001

As safety professionals, I know we sometimes wonder why there are ISO standards for quality, risk, environment, and a host of other things, but not safety. Well, it is finally coming. International standards expert Jim Whiting will give an overview of the soon to be released ISO 45001. Many companies require their suppliers to be certified in some of the other ISO standards mentioned, so there is no reason to believe this will not be the case with safety as well. Be on the forefront of this movement by attending this session.

Developing Proactive Performance Measures

Most people become TapRooT® users because they want to do better investigations. That’s great, but would it not be better to prevent incidents in the first place? Before you can fix a problem in your organization, you have to first have the data, and unfortunately, many companies do not collect the right proactive measures. In this session, Mark Paradies, the creator of TapRooT®, will give you plenty to think about when considering what to measure.

How to Stop Normalization of Deviance

Have workarounds and the breaking of rules become accepted, or business as usual in your company? Mark Paradies will discuss the consequences of allowing this to happen and share insight on how to avoid this condition. If you just solved this one problem (albeit a big one!) at your company, this would make the entire summit worth your time.

Stopping Human Error with Type 4 Corrective Actions

Do your correction action reports routinely involve things like training and rules? If so, that may be (I’m being nice here) the reason you have repeat incidents. If you have been to a TapRooT® course, you know that removing or reducing the hazard is the best thing you can do, but that is not always possible. But there are ways to make your people more reliable without putting a host of new rules in place. In this session, human factors expert Dr. Joel Haight will share ideas on how you can strengthen your corrective actions to prevent recurrence.

Process Safety; Comparing Seveso 3 to OSHA PSM

Different standards and regulations have different benefits and best practices included in them. Can we learn from other standards and regulations even if we are not forced to comply with them? Join Belgium Regulator Frank Verschueren as he discusses how these two process safety regulations compare.

So that’s it. Several great sessions. Have I mentioned the keynote sessions? Well, I am going to mention them again. We have everything – someone who worked for the President of the United States, a former NBA player and radio personality, a Professor who has been voted the best speaker at the summit, two gents who investigated serious North Sea Oil and Gas incidents, and last but not least, Captain Phillips.

Wow. And of course there is the party at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville with entertainment from Carl Dixon of The Guess Who and April Wine fame.

You can’t afford to miss this event. Register HERE and select the Safety Improvement Track. See you there!

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