August 30, 2010 | Barb Carr

Safety & Risk Management

Come and learn best practices in Safety & Risk Management at the 2010 TapRooT® Summit. Sign up for this track and be part of these remarkable best practice sessions.  (Read bios of the presenters on the Summit website):

How Does Your Corporate Culture Effect Your Investigations?
The culture that exists within your company greatly effects the success of any investigation and subsequent corrective actions..

Brian W. Tink and Brian A. Tink will show you some ways to quantify & identify your current corporate culture. The session will conclude by suggesting how you can use this information to strengthen your organizational/safety culture, allowing you to develop and execute more effective corrective actions that will, in turn, lead to desired and significantly improved business results.
Communicating with Management About Risk: Effectively communicating HSE risks to senior management is critical. Their support for resources (time and money) is necessary to implement actions that reduce risk. Strong visual communications and other techniques are needed to get the message across in a way that leads to action and increased credibility for HSE issues. One of the keys is to present HSE information from a business perspective.

In this session, Dennis Osmer, former Worldwide Head of HSE will review development of several risk communication techniques (risk assessment in terms of organizational impact & degree of control vs. probability & severity, use of site risk analysis, score cards, involvement in accident notifications, etc.).

Ahead of the Law: OSHA Enforcement Problems & Solutions: What is the latest in the world of safety compliance? Join Dave Janney and learn what OSHA has been citing, current inspection emphasis programs, the A-Z’s of the Site Specific Target Program, and inspection and citation handling tips..

Using TapRooT® for Regulatory Safety Compliance: Learn how one of the world’s most sucessful airlines is driving safety compliance by using TapRooT®. Dave Janney, System Improvement’s Senior Associate and former FAA Liason at Delta Air Lines will provide framework for the regulatory compliance environment in the industry, and Rick Diamond and Joe Fresquez from Southwest Airlines will discuss how SWA is using TapRooT® in the regulatory oversight function in its aircraft maintenance division.

Improving Incident Investigation and Safety in the BW Fleet: BW Fleet Management are responsible for the management of a large fleet of Bulk Carriers, Oil and Gas Tankers. Although they are a recognized leader in the Shipping Industry, in 2008 they decided more needed to be done..

Capt. Vibhas Garg and Malcolm Gresham will present how BW Fleet Management’s search for a better way to analyze incidents resulted in them implementing TapRooT®. This presentation will discuss the challenges overcome when implementing the system. It will also cover how the introduction of a company Risk Management Framework will contribute to future improvements.

Advanced Ideas for Corrective Actions: In this best practice session, Dan Damaan will present how to use risk to rank corrective actions.  The value of determining corrective actions and making recommendations is directly correlated to having senior leaders in an organization “buy in” and support implementing change. The fact of the matter that in today’s business environment that even competition within a company for funding is fierce. This session provides a high level view of business tools and approaches that can assist EHS professionals in providing effective justifications for proceeding with recommendations that provide an overall benefit for employees and the organization.

Richard Mesker will also talk about using extent of condition/common cause/generic cause analysis to build complete corrective actions during this session.

Be a Safety STAR: How a VPP Program & TapRooT® Can Be Combined for Excellent Safety Performance: Learn how some leading companies used TapRooT® to improve their OSHA VPP (Voluntary Protection Programs) processes and get some ideas how you can leverage the capabilities of TapRooT® with Melva Luckie-Oni, Dave Janney and Dan Phillippe..

Quality in Life and Work: Quality Improvement can be applied to your personal life and your business. It’s sequential—inside out, not outside in. George Burk was critically burned and severely injured, the sole survivor of 14 passengers in a military plane crash.

Learn how several of W. Edward Deming’s 14 Points for Quality Improvement assisted him in his recovery, rehabilitation and transformation from victim to survivor. Hear and learn how you can apply several of Deming’s points—to help you and help you assist others to achieve success in life and business.

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