October 19, 2022 | Mark Paradies

Is it Time for a Safety Standdown?


Boston Globe
The Maritime Executive
Aviation Pros
Safety + Health
Aviation Week
Safety + Health

The headlines above are only a recent sample. It seems that the safety stand down is the ultimate corrective action for any major accident. Sometimes, that’s all that’s done.

Are Safety Stand Downs Effective?

Are safety stand-downs effective? My opinion is NO. That’s why you see repeat accidents after a safety standdown. How many times have you seen the Navy or Air Force have a safety standdown for an accident that is very similar to a previous accident? The undersea collision safety standdown from the headline above is a good example.

At best, safety stand-downs have a short-term impact. At worst, they are a cynical attempt to demonstrate management’s concern for safety without making substantive changes. For example, read this article…

What Should Management Do Instead of a Safety Stand Down

What should management do instead of safety stand down?


That starts with effective, advanced root cause analysis based on the root cause analysis fundamentals discussed in this video…

When you have a good root cause analysis based on advanced root cause analysis, you must develop effective corrective actions and implement them promptly. That shows real commitment to improvement.

How do you get a good (or great!) root cause analysis? These articles will give you some ideas…

Follow Up on These Ideas

That should give you plenty of ideas. And now is the time to follow them up by scheduling some TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Training.

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