February 21, 2009 | Barb Carr

School bus drags 9-year-old 300 feet….Stop and truly find out What happened!


A child’s clothing was caught between the school bus doors while the child was trying to get on the bus in Tennessee. Luckily, a bystander saw this and pulled in front of the bus to stop it after the the bus had already travelled 300 feet. The article appearing in Knoxnews.com really concerned me when I saw the 3 comments below:

“Doyle is an excellent driver,” Proffitt said. “It was just a FREAK ACCIDENT. … But we just hate that it happened….

Proffitt said children often aren’t taught the basics of safety around a school bus, although she doesn’t know if that was the case in this instance…

In general, “parents need to teach their children WHEN A BUS IS MOVING not to run toward that bus,” she said.”

So blame the child, close doors while moving the bus (multi-tasking), and call it a FREAK Accident. What is wrong with this picture? How often have all bus drivers started pulling off before the door was closed?

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