July 12, 2011 | Mark Paradies

Second Round of the Deepwater Horizon Blowout Preventer Testing May Not Be Made Public

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Blowout preventer being transported to shore.

In an interesting twist, the second round of the testing of the Deepwater Horizons blowout preventer may not be publicaly released.

BP sought the testing and a judge approved it but only allowed access to the testing results by the Justice Department, the three companies connected to the spill, and the victims of the bast.

The CSB, who is performing an independent investigation, was excluded. CSB attorneys decide not to challenge the ruling because the CSB might not have standing to perform an independent investigation (their charter is for chemical incidents which may not include offshore oil spills).

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Transocean requested that it be given possession of the blowout preventer after the testing was completed but BP wants the government to take possesion.  The judge still hasn’t ruled who will eventually keep this key piece of evidence.

For more about the “custody battle” see:


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