May 11, 2011 | Barb Carr

Setting up a SnapCharT® Template in v5

Many users have asked us, “How can I create a template SnapCharT® for use each time I do an investigation?”. Well you can do that in v5 and it is very easy to do. Follow the steps listed below for creating, then using that template.

To create a SnapCharT® that can be re-used anytime as a “Template”:

Create the base Chart:

  1. Choose the Tools->New->SnapCharT® menu item. This will open up the flowchart editor.

    Starting the SnapCharT® Editor

  2. Add Shapes to the Chart: Most folks simply want a number of shapes already on the base SnapCharT® so that they simply begin adding information into the shapes. In the upper left of the editor there is a Create Chart section, select the shape type you want to add to the SnapCharT®.

    Shape Selector

  3. Double-click on the chart window to add that shape.
  4. Repeat these steps for each shape type (Events, Conditions, Incidents) to add as many shapes as you wish to have in your base chart.

Saving the SnapCharT® as a re-usable file or Template: Use the Unassociated Document function

  1. Select SAVE in the lower left corner of the editor.
  2. Provide a title for the chart (i.e. Template), this is required.

    Save Dialog Box

  3. Select the SAVE button.
  4. When asked “Do you wish to associate this SnapCharT® to an Audit/Investigation?”, select NO. Now the chart can be found on the User Landing Page, under Unassociated Documents, in the SnapCharT® folder. The chart is not associated with an investigation but is an individual document.

Location of the Template Chart

  1. Open the application and on the User Landing Page find the Unassociated Document Folder.
  2. Open the Unassociated Documents Folder.
  3. Open the SnapCharT® sub-folder, there will be the Template create.

    User Landing Page - Unassociated Documents

Using the Template

  1. Create and save your Investigation or Audit.
  2. Use Activities->Home to return to your User Landing Page.
  3. Find the Template as listed above, highlight the file and select the OPEN button.
  4. Select the SAVE AS button in the lower left of the SnapCharT Editor.
  5. Provide a Title and Season and select save.
  6. When prompted to “Associate” the document select YES.
  7. Highlight the appropriate Investigation/Audit from the list provided and select DONE, now you are working on that new chart in the proper investigation or audit using the Template!

    Select Audit Investigation Dialog

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