July 16, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Slim Jim Factory Explosion News Coverage Gets Criticism

An explosion in June at the one and only Slim Jim manufacturing plant in North Carolina killed three people.

I missed the original coverage but came upon this posting of an article in the on-line “The Consumerist” (by Consumer Reports) written by Lucy Bayly and edited by Chris Walters.

What was different about this coverage? The article had a sort of sort of flippant, almost humorous tone about an accident that killed three people.

But in this age of instant response, readers wrote negative critiques of the article at The Consumerist web site.

By the time I saw the article, they had rewritten some of the text and changed the picture (one of the things people objected to) and written an explanation (not an apology) for the article.

How did I come upon the article?

Picture 1.png I was listening to E.D. Hill on her internet radio show and they were talking about a potential Slim Jim shortage because the factory had been destroyed and I went looking for more information.

E.D. Hill is a Keynote Speaker at the TapRooT® Summit. She will be talking about what it takes to be successful (lessons she has learned from famous people she has worked with and from her own life).

I had a great talk with E.D. to help her get ready for the talk (she is down on her family’s ranch near Austin for the summer). I’m really looking forward to her talk about the lessons she’s learned from others’ success and the lessons from her own life. I know I’ll enjoy it and I bet you will too.

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