April 11, 2022 | Mark Paradies

Speakers at the 2022 Global TapRooT® Summit – May 4-6

Summit Speakers

The picture below shows some of the 40 speakers at the 2022 Global TapRoot® Summit being held in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Sample of the Summit speakers.

Keynote Speakers

The Keynotes Speakers are:

  • Inky Johnson
  • Ken Futch
  • Claus Rose
  • Admiral Joseph Aucoin
  • Kirstie Ennis

You will be educated and inspired by their talks. Here is a link to the Keynote Speakers.

Best Practice Session Speakers and Facilitators

There are 35 Best Practice Session presenters. Here’s a sample:

  • Vincent Phipps
  • Randy Creek
  • Michelle Wishon
  • Dave Harry
  • Marcus Miller
  • Alex Paradies
  • Stephanie Tipton
  • Kevin McManus
  • Reb Brickey
  • Heidi Reed
  • Barb Carr
  • Lori Frederick (the Movement Ninja)
  • Mark Paradies
  • Tim Diggs
  • Steve Hawkins
  • Chris McCosh
  • Michele Lindsay
  • Anne Roberts
  • Dan Verlinde
  • Angie Comer

See who is speaking, what they are presenting, and what session they are presenting in at:


REGISTER for the TapRooT® Summit in the Smokies

There’s not much time left to register. CLICK HERE to register and start planning your travel! (Note: You can register and attend virtually if you still can’t travel. Register at the same link above.)

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