December 16, 2013 | Barb Carr

Special Topics Track at the 2014 Global TapRooT® Summit

I’m excited to present the Special Topics track at the 2014 Global TapRooT® Summit as track leader.

What are Special Topics? Good question! Because we think all of the sessions at the Summit are special!

Consider the Special Topics Track as an “extra” topics list you can choose from to replace a topic on your track that may not apply to what you do or to replace a topic you’ve already studied in depth.

Special topics are unique in that some of them steer a little off the topic of solving industry-related problems. Some of these sessions are focused on solving general problems that are of interest to everyone … perfect for your spouse (don’t forget to register your spouse for just $100) who may not work in the industries represented at the Summit. These topics will also be interesting to an attendee who does work in these industries because they are extraordinary complements to the subject of root cause analysis.

Also, if you are thinking of a career change, these topics can offer insight into other career paths, like healthcare.

Special Topics include our Medical Advisory Board meeting and TapRooT Advisory Board meeting, so if you are a Board Member, please remember to add the meeting to your schedule (See #5 on this post to learn how).

Here are the Special Topics for 2014 (excluding the Advisory Board Meetings):

Character Driven Success: This is a great session for a spouse to attend! Dr. Beverly Chiodo is returning to teach us how our character traits drive our performance and what we can do to become more successful in life. Prepare to be inspired!

Error Proof Health Care – How to Accelerate Your Improvement Efforts: Kevin McManus is coming to identify those work practices that are key to reducing human error rates. Make improvements to the error minimization approaches you already use. Better measure the effectiveness of your error proofing approaches. Develop your own prioritized, ‘error proofing’ plan.

Systems Root Cause Analysis of Intergenerational Issues: Another great session for a spouse to attend – Systems Root Cause Analysis of Intergenerational Issues, presented by Akivah Northern, M.Div., was designed to introduce you to a systematic way of viewing and solving family problems. View Linda Unger’s video invite here and to see Mrs. Northern present her initial idea from the 2012 Summit, click here.

Personality, Behavior & Corrective Actions: This session, by Australian TapRooT® Instructor Malcolm Gresham, is a great choice to add a human error reduction and behavior change session to your schedule and advance your career development.

Driving Safety – Culture Leads to Success: Bruce Huber will teach us how to positively impact behavior AND use technology to establish and maintain a positive safety culture eliminating high-potential and fatal driving related incidents.

Interviewing: De-Coding Non-Verbal Behavior: I’ll be teaching this session again in 2014, and I can’t wait. Everyone can benefit from “hearing” what others don’t say, even if interviewing is not part of your job.

LEARN HOW to add a Special Topic to your schedule.

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