July 9, 2009 | Ken Reed

Stand by for OSHA Enforcement

How much does it cost to implement a performance improvement program?  If you live in Texas, a better question to ask is, “How much does it cost when we avoid implementing a performance improvement program?”  Stand by; that cost may be going up!

At this year’s Annual ASSE meeting in San Antonio, TX last month, Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis announced the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) plan to launch a construction safety initiative in Texas beginning in July. OSHA plans to increase inspections in Texas in order to prevent injuries and fatalities at construction sites.

Texas has the highest number of construction industry fatalities in the U.S. with 67 fatalities in 2008. In 2007 and 2008, OSHA cited 4,390 violations from over 3,000 inspections conducted in southeastern states.

“When these inspectors observe unsafe scaffolds, fall risks, trenches or other hazards, they are empowered to launch an immediate investigation,” stated Secretary Solis. “As I have said since my first day on the job – the U.S. Department of Labor is back in the enforcement business.” 

Sounds like both reactive and proactive improvement programs just became a lot more cost-effective.  Don’t wait until OSHA tells you that you have a problem.  Use TapRooT® to investigate Safety, Environmental, and Equipment Failure issues at your facilities.  In fact, TapRooT® can be a key component in helping your facility become a VPPA Star site.  This can be a great way to help you make your site as safe as possible for your employees.

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