November 18, 2013 | Barb Carr

Stand Out in the Job Market: Use Your Valuable Root Cause Analysis Training

pablo(7)Looking for a job where you can use your TapRooT® skills?  The great thing about being TapRooT® trained is you are not only improving your life with more job skills but also improving the lives (perhaps even saving the lives) of others by using them.

If you are not using the skills you learned in training, you are missing key opportunities for professional development. The proactive and reactive tools your training provided will not only enhance your career but will also contribute to the greater good of saving lives and preventing injuries.

If you have been using your root cause analysis skills for awhile and are interested in a career change, one thing that will stand out on your resume is a record of your demonstrated TapRooT® successes. When you share multiple examples of problems solved or leading teams to success, you will have a significant advantage in the job market.

Remember, TapRooT® is not only a valued skill for employers looking for accident investigators, but is also a valued skill for companies that:

  • need to solve quality-related issues
  • have equipment downtime problems
  • experience failure to achieve optimal operational success

Keep up with the leading companies looking to hire people with TapRooT® root cause analysis skills by looking at this link:

Need a refresher? We have several 2-day courses coming up:

And finally, if you have been thinking about getting training to become a TapRooT® Team Leader, get more info about our advanced 5-Day Team Leader Course:

If you have a success story to share about how TapRooT® has helped your career development, please share it by commenting below.

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