March 4, 2008 | Barb Carr

Student becomes Insect Herder … Did the teacher use the SMARTER Checklist?

“An Eagle Rock schoolteacher doesn’t want any bugs squashed in her classroom, so she’s appointed a student insect monitor to take wiggling, creepy critters outside.” The Los Angeles teacher is getting an award for her be-kind-to-bugs effort and thinking outside the box. Does this corrective action to remove bugs give you a creepy crawly feeling or what? Could you think of some the consequences that could occur once put in place?


How often do you review your corrective actions for unintended consequences? If you see “bugs” in your corrective action board, think about attending one of our TapRooT® root cause analysis system courses, training that helps solve problems both reactively and proactively. We can show a proven SMARTER process before a corrective action becomes another incident.

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