March 26, 2008 | Barb Carr

Summit Best Practice Presentation: Advanced Behavorial Management: Developing a Modern Safety Culture

Neil Roberts will be presenting “Advanced Behavioral Management: Developing a Modern Safety Culture” on the Safety and Risk Management and Human Error Reduction & Behavior Change Best Practices Tracks at the TapRooT® Summit on Thursday, June 26 at 9:15 a.m.

The session will have the following objectives:

1. To demonstrate the benefits and limitations of safety climate and safety culture surveys as a precursor to the introduction of a safety culture change programme.

2. To outline and demonstrate the benefits of a holistic and advanced approach that would encourage change in an organization’s safety culture. This would include reference to four key areas:

(i) Management Leadership
(ii) Safety Performance Measurement
(iii) Safety Coaching
(iv) Safety Interdependence

3. To demonstrate that habitualization of front line safety behaviors has its limitations, but if we are to make a systemic and long lasting difference to culture we need to identify and encourage a change of management based behaviors.

Although the title includes the word “advanced,” any attendee will benefit.

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