March 20, 2008 | Barb Carr

Reliability & Maintenance Best Practices

Heinz Bloch will be presenting “How to Become Best of Class in Equipment Reliability by Maximizing Uptime” and “Best of Class in Equipment Reliability Part II” on the Equipment Reliability & Maintenance Best Practices Track at the TapRooT® Summit. The presentations are scheduled for Thursday, June 26, 9:15 a.m. to 10:25 a.m. and 10:40 a.m. to noon, respectively.

Here are the presentation highlights:

How to Become BEST-OF-CLASS in Equipment Reliability by Maximizing Uptime 

(a) Bearing protection issues that are vastly misunderstood
(b) Lube application issues the vendors will not admit
(c) Dual seal component improvements your “alliance partner” will not tell you about
(d) Resourcefulness practiced by BEST-OF-CLASS companies
(e) Cultivating vendor contacts

BEST-OF-CLASS in Equipment Reliability Part II

(a) Bid evaluation concepts your design contractor knows little about
(b) How to effectively manage reliability on New Projects
(c) Grooming talent and skills – why the contractor can not do this for you
(d) Little-known reliability management strategies that make a big difference 

Heinz Bloch is a worldwide recognized equipment reliability expert with over 20 books on equipment reliability and maintenance topics.

If your improvement ideas include improving equipment reliability and maintenance at your facility, then you should plan to attend!  

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