March 14, 2008 | Barb Carr

Summit Best Practice Presenter: Arturo de la Garza

Arturo de la Garza will be presenting Como Disminuir los Errores Humanos y Sobrevivir (How to Reduce Human Error… and Survive) during the 2008 Summit Spanish Sessions in Las Vegas.

Arturo has experience in industrial facilities in Mexico including glass (bottling) factories, oil, chemical, petrochemical, and cement. He has been the Corporate Safety Manager for two major international corporations. Arturo was the first Corporate Safety Manager in Mexico to introduce TapRooT® to analyze the root causes of accidents and incidents. His success proved the applicability of TapRooT® to analyze problems in cultures other than the US. Arturo is currently a consultant based in Monterrey, Mexico and teaches TapRooT® in Latin American and Spanish-speaking countries. Arturo has a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MSc in Industrial Engineering. He also is a Certified Safety Professional from the Mexican Council of Risk Management.

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