October 8, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Summit – Day 2

I’m getting behind on my Summit reporting because of all the amazing talks and amazing discussions I’m having. I just can’t keep up.

Here are some of the highlights…

Success Stories: I attended a session with two success stories yesterday. Ron Pryor (Alcoa) and Theresa Guay (Irving Oil) presented their stories of how they were using TapRooT® to get significant improvements in environmental, quality, and safety performance. We’ll post the Success Stories at http://www.taproot.com/about.php when we get back from the Summit, so you can look for the details there. But what you can’t get from the written word is the Q&A that occurs at the session. For that, you must attend the Summit.

Personal Development: Next, I went to a great presentation by Jennifer Mounce that was very interactive. She taught us about coaching ourselves to get better and bring our personal performance to the next level. Once again, you had to be there to participate and learn. It really gave me some good ideas to act on to improve my own performance.


(E.D. signing books. Mark, E.D., & Linda just before the 70’s themed party.)

Lessons from Success: Then we had an inspiring General Session talk by E.D. Hill. Wow! E.D. is smart, insightful, and a great speaker about lessons from the success of others and her own career. After her talk she spent and hour and a half with us signing her book and talking to people one-on-one. She even came to our reception where the band Entice entertained Summit participants.

Lessons from an Accident: This morning I heard an amazing talk about an injury, the aftermath, and the investigation that changed the standard of care for electrical injuries in the province of Ontario. Jim Thompson, Brian Tink, and Dr. Joel Fish shared their story which was very impressive. We had to cut off the Q&A and let people continue the discussion at the break.


Equipment Failure Lessons Learned: I’m now in a talk about “Persistent Equipment Failures” by Ken Bloch. He’s talking about equipment failures that cause process safety incidents. One neat detail so far … He quoted a statistic that process plants could expect one fire per 1000 pump repairs.

More later.

Plant to attend the 2010 Summit so that you can learn, improve, and share best practices with some of the best companies in the world.

When will it be?

October 20-22, 2010, in San Antonio.

Planning has already started and I’ll let you know more when things are confirmed.

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