February 28, 2020 | Mark Paradies

Summit “Dress Code”

Lots of people ask me about the “dress code” at the Summit. We actually don’t have one. But, here is my advice.

1. Speakers generally wear a coat and tie (or the equivalent for women).

2. Attendees generally wear “smart casual,” “work casual,” or “business casual.” Remember, even though the temperatures are predicted to be between 60°F and 75F, conference rooms can be COLD. If you are on the chilly side, bring a sweater or a light coat.

Want even more ideas about what people wear? Here are three internet photos of business casual dress…

Not business casual…

Here are some actual people from previous Summits.

And don’t forget your 1020s attire for the Reception on Wednesday night. For more ideas, CLICK HERE.

1920s attire

See you at the Summit!

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