December 3, 2019 | Mark Paradies

Remember When You Were This Young? Summit Flashback!

Summit Blast from the Past!

Remember when you were this young? (Maybe you are still?) The picture above is Linda Unger with TapRooT® Advisory Board Members at the 9th Summit in 2003 in Dallas. And below? That’s the 7th TapRooT® Summit in 2001 in Galveston (the staff at dinner after the Summit was complete on Friday). That was the Summit that was almost canceled due to a tropical storm.

Third TapRooT® Summit

Seventh TapRooT® Summit in 2001

Summit Flashback Video

Watch the video below … It wasn’t that long ago. And everything in the video is still true today – even more so! I guess I could say that we were young but still knew what we were doing!

2020 Global TapRooT® Summit is Coming Up Soon!

Don’t miss the 2020 Global TapRooT® Summit at the Horseshoe Bay Resort near Austin, Texas, on March 9-13. Several of us are older but there is a new generation of TapRooT® Experts coming along. You can hear from “us old-timers” and from the new TapRooT® folks too!

Get more information about the Summit at:

Attend the Summit to:

  • Network with industry leaders
  • Benchmark with other TapRooT® Users
  • Learn best practices from around the world
  • Refresh your TapRooT® skills
  • Be inspired!
  • Get motivated!
  • Have FUN!

That’s what the Global TapRooT® Summit is all about!

See the schedule for the Best Practice Tracks Here:

Register by CLICKING HERE.

More Summit History

E.D. Hill

14th Summit in 2009 in Nashville

Just click HERE and see if you recognize anyone…

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