November 14, 2005 | Mark Paradies

Summit Keynote Speakers

How are the Keynote Speakers at the 2006 Summit?


Start with Mike Durant, the pilot of the Blackhawk helicopter shot down over Mogadishu, who lived to write the book, In the Company of Heroes.

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Don’t miss his interesting and inspirational talk.

Mike Speaking

Who else?


Of course I will be at my own summit, speaking about an integrated model of human performance that goes beyond slips, mistakes, errors, and latent organizational failures.

And Jim Whiting,


Australian risk management expert who will challenge us all to improve the way we manage safety.

Also, Vincent Phipps,


Communications expert who will share ideas about using better communications Improve Safety, Quality, Productivity, & Morale.

Also, Mike Kelly, Vice President of TODCO, will discuss a corporate vision for performance improvement.

Finally, Bob Nelson, Guru of Rewards, will discuss how the proper use of rewards is the secret to success.


For complete Summit info, click here.

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