January 24, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Summit Safety & Risk Management Best Practice Track

Are you interested in improving safety and risk management at your facility?

Would you like to learn safety and risk management best practices from industry leaders from around the world?


Would you like to network with people from a wide variety of industries who face similar challenges to the ones that you face and who may be able to share unique insights and new solutions to help your company improve?


Then you should be planning to attend the Safety & Risk Management Best Practices Track at the TapRooT® Summit.

The Summit has 9 Best Practice Track sessions and 5 Keynote Speakers. The Safety & Risk Management Best Practice Track sessions include:

Wednesday 10:30-12: Hazard Recognition: The First Step in Safety & Risk Management – Peter Berkholz, Engineering Manager, Capability Resources Australia

Wednesday 1-2:20: CHANGE
Change Dealing with Obstacles that Make Change Difficult – Hal Curry, Consultant, Hal Curry & Associates
Managing the Risks Associated with Change – Malcolm Gresham, Principal Consultant, Practical Solutions Group, Australia; & Jim Whiting, Managing Director, Risk @ Workplaces Pty., Ltd. Australia

Wednesday 2:40-3:55: Accident Investigation Examples
Root Cause Analysis of Major Accidents:

Lexington Airport Runway Mixup – Ken Turnbull, Consultant
Cameco Cigar Lake Mine Flood – Mark Wittrup, Cameco
Texas City Refinery Explosion – CSB Speaker (invited)

Thursday 9:15-10:25: Advanced Behavioral Management: Developing a Modern Safety Culture – Bob King, Director HSE Training/Consulting, Woodland Grange, UK, & Neil Roberts, Consultant, Woodland Grange, UK

Thursday 10:25-10:40: Panel Discussion – Is There a Tradeoff Between Process Safety & Industrial Safety?
Brian Hennesey, ConocoPhillips
Valerie Barnes (US NRC)
Bob King (Woodland Grange, UK)
Ken Turnbull (Consultant)

Thursday 1-2:20: TapRooT® User Success Stories from Healthcare & Industry – Linda Unger & Barbara Phillips (Facilitators)
(Three Success Stories to be presented by industry and healthcare users of TapRooT®)

Thursday 2:40-3:55: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: Rating Improvement Programs & Incident Investigations – Michele Lindsay, Principal Consultant, P2, Canada; & Mark Paradies, President, System Improvements

Friday 9:15-10:25: Senior Executive Involvement in Safety
Bringing Safety to the Corporate Board – Dave Prewitt, VP, FedEx
What the Corporate Board Needs to Know About Safety – Bob King & Darby Alan – Woodland Grange, UK

Friday 10:35-11:55: Planning Your Improvements
(Improvement planning session with help from experienced TapRooT® Consultants)

In addition to these smaller group discussion sessions, you will also attend 5 Keynote Speaker sessions:

Lt. Col. Ralph Hayles (retired), Gulf War Veteran, Lessons Learned from Friendly Fire
Nikki Stone, Olympic Aerial Skiing Gold Medal Winner, Overcoming Setbacks to Achieve Olympic Success

Carolyn Griffiths, UK Rail Accident Investigation Branch Chief Inspector, Lessons from Setting Up an Independent Accident Investigation Organization
Ed Frederick, Exelon Nuclear (Board Operator at TMI during the accident), The Accident at Three Mile Island – An Insider’s Perspective

Marcia Wieder, Doctor of Dreams, You Can Make Improvement Happen

Where will this exciting and useful Summit be held? Las Vegas on June 25-27, 2008.

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