January 11, 2012 | Barb Carr

Summit Week: Human Performance & Behavior Change

What is it that produces a safe environment with safe workers? Is it people with the right attitude… is it a reduced risk environment… or is it both? Do we need reward or punishment… or both? How do different cultures interact successfully to work safely? What is the best environment for a person to work in physically? How does one know?

Listening to a radio show recently about people trying to get out of debt, the host said this, “it is not the math that got them in the situation it is the behavior; that is why changing the behavior is the first step.” It was in reference to people who wanted to know why the had to pay off small debts first and not the large credit cards with high interest.

Point being, that the more one practices a behavior, the higher the probability that the behavior becomes habit. Providing a better environment with the right tools increases the ability to perform the behavior. It is with this in mind that the sessions below were put together:


  • Proactive Prevention of Injuries and Accidents Due to Human Error
    Ergonomic and Human Performance Improvement
    Working Across Languages and Cultures


  • Changing Behavior By Praising the 49 Character Traits
    Criminal Prosecution of Accidents
    Using Training Simulation to Improve Human Performance
    Design for Reliable Performance


  • Using FACT to Measure & Analyze Fatigue (Both Reactive & Proactive)
    Planning Your Improvements

To read more about each session go here: 


One more thing …

Before the Summit there is a pre-Summit course that you should be considering …

Stopping Human Error

Just click on the link above for more info.

The course and the Human Performance and Behavior Change Best Practice Track make a great one-two punch for improving human performance. Plus, you will save $200 off the course fee when you attend both.

Don’t miss the remarkable knowledge available in the course and the Summit. Register today!

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