Better Improvement Programs & CAPA Track

The Better Improvement Programs and CAPA Track is for people who want to improve their improvement efforts and CAPA programs. Do you want to improve your incident investigation program and become more proactive? Do your CAPA efforts need improvement to prevent regulatory issues? You need to learn from industry leaders and their success stories.

This track contains valuable information/best practices, including taking your investigation efforts to the next level using TapRooT® RCA for minor and major incidents and proactive improvement. See the track sessions below.

Learn About Each Session In This Track...

Workshop: How Do You Build a Successful Improvement Program?
Destroying Silos Using Cross Functional Teams to Identify the Problem
Using Trending to Manage Improvement
Reducing Repeat Incidents & Deviations by Using TapRooT®
Air Canada Maintenance: Implementation Success Story Update
Learning From Success to Improve Future Performance Using TapRooT®
Implementing Your Best Ideas
Lean & TapRooT® Eliminating Waste & Unnecessary Tasks
Managing Your Improvement Backlog (Resource Schedule)