Instructor Recertification Track

Certified TapRooT® Instructors must attend this Track every two years to stay certified and to continue to teach the 2-Day TapRooT® RCA Course, but we think you should attend it every year! Why? To learn new ideas and best practices from other TapRooT® Certified Instructors, get the latest TapRooT® instructor material and tips to make your 2-Day TapRooT® Courses even better, to keep up with the latest improvements in the TapRooT® Software, and to build your roadmap to keep your TapRooT® Program state-of-the-art.

Learn About Each Session in This Track...

ICBM Part 1: Advanced SnapCharT® Diagram Techniques
ICBM Part 2: Advanced Causal Factor Techniques
Corrective Action Workshop
Reset & Recharge
TapRooT® Instructor Best Practice Sharing (Roundtable Discussion)
Learning From Success to Improve Future Performance Using TapRooT®
Implementing Your Best Ideas
TapRooT® Instructor Recertification Session (Part 1)
TapRooT® Instructor Recertification Session (Part 2)