January 26, 2023 | Tim Diggs

Building a Superior Improvement Program Track

superior improvement program

Improvement leaders worth their salt are always building a superior improvement program. If you are truly involved in any improvement program, you know there are still achievements to be made. Anyone who works in, is responsible for, or is tasked with improvement must always strive to make enhancements to their program.

Our “Building a Superior Improvement Program” Track at this year’s Global TapRooT® Summit is scheduled to be our best ever because we have more real-world, hands-on industry leaders delivering more best practice sessions than ever.

We kick off this year’s track on Tuesday, April 25 with the 1-Day TapRooT® Executive Leadership Course. Attendees will start by identifying their improvement vision and learn how the culture created from that vision will drive the behaviors of their team. Then attendees will cover what is needed from them to drive sustained results of improvement programs through management best practices.

To build a superior improvement program, leaders must understand:

  • what they are driving to
  • why that is important
  • how to measure the progress
  • what to do when mistakes happen

and model their improvement program from successful programs in the industry. That is exactly how the Building a Superior Improvement Program Track is laid out this year.

What to Expect

During the first session on Wednesday, industry leader Jake Locklear, CEO of APM, will deliver first-hand accounts of setting goals and performance improvement measures. Not relegated to theory, Jake will share his real-world experience and invite you to share your expertise as well.

Moving through the process, we will focus on what and how to address problems that come up in the improvement program. Darrin Wertz and Mubashar Ahmed from Eversource will give their first-hand account of how investigating a failed gas regulator identified systemic issues from which they improved their entire system.

Once we have our vision, and understand how we will investigate and fix problems that occur, attendees will move to modeling their improvement program from previous successes. Claus Rose of GE Renewable Energy will detail how they gained senior leadership support that drove ownership of their program and the results they have enjoyed from that buy-in as well as hear how Admiral Rickover built the first high-reliability organization.

Finally, once you have learned from all of these and more best practice sessions, conclude your week by mapping out your improvement program and Building a Roadmap To Success.

Don’t Settle for “Good Enough” – Build Superior Improvement

Attend the Building a Superior Improvement Program at the 2023 Global TapRooT® Summit April 24-28, 2023 in Margaritaville just outside Houston, Texas. For anyone who works in, or is responsible for improvement, you can not settle for good enough. You need to have the best, the superior improvement program in place. Learn all the steps to make your improvement program superior at this year’s Global TapRooT® Summit.

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