February 7, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Survey Says: “Human Error” is Leading Root Cause of Security Problems

A story in CIO magazine says that a survey (by the consulting firm Deloitte of 100 technology, media, and telecommunications firms worldwide) listed “Human Error” as the leading cause (75% of the time) of security failures.

If this is even remotely true, these firms need advanced root cause analysis – TapRooT® – to analyze their human error incidents and find the real root causes of “human error.”

As we see it, human error isn’t a root cause. It is a starting point to dig into the cause of the human error. We see most human errors as Causal Factors and use the Root Cause Tree® to dig into the real, fixable root causes of the problems that cause the human error.

Unless you find the real root causes of human error, it’s doubtful that you will develop effective fixes. Without effective fixes, the problem will continue to trap people even if they are trying to be careful.

So don’t get caught in the “human error” trap. learn to find and fix the real root causes of human error by attending the 5-Day TapRooT® Advanced Root Cause Analysis Team Leader Course.


The 5-Day Course really gets into the causes and investigation of human error. It is based on advanced human factors knowledge derived from research from around the world. Where are these courses held? Here are some upcoming locations and dates:

Charleston, SC          March 3-7
Galveston, TX            March 10-14
Amsterdam                March 10-14
San Antonio, TX        March 31 – April 4
Knoxville, TN            April 21-25
Singapore                  May 5-9
Aberdeen, Scotland  June 9-13


For a complete course list, see:

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