May 13, 2009 | Dan Verlinde

Surviving Injuries, TapRooT® Softball Remains Unbeaten







Recent weeks have had the TapRooT® Softball team looking more like an emergency ward than a softball team.    From nagging knee, heal and back injuries, to fresh sprains, the team has been struggling to keep their players healthy.  The original ten-person lineup has not resembled its opening-day self since, well, opening day.

The team has survived though,  thanks in large part to some lineup juggling, and some fortuitous weather.  Rainouts have spared the team games without their starting pitcher and their number 3 hitter on separate occasions.  The team also activated Kori M. to their full time roster yesterday.

In earning yesterday’s 23-6 mercy in 5 innings, people contributed all over the field playing away from their normal positions.  Jessica S.  filled in nicely at third base.  Kori M. showed the team what she could do at first base in her debut.  Jason S. turned a double play from the second base position.

The hero of the night, however, was Lisa C., who played in the game despite wrestling with a back injury.  When it looked like the team would be short a player for the second straight week, Lisa stepped in to hit at the number 10 position and promptly delivered  an in-the-park home run to right field.  A feat made even more impressive considering the walking pace she was forced to maneuver the bases with.

The team now has a 5-0 record on the year, with 3 games remaining.  With a little health, some luck, and continued all-around unselfish play they might be able to win them all.

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