January 31, 2008 | Mark Paradies

System Improvements / TapRooT® 20th Anniversary / Birthday Party at the Summit!


In 1988, Mark Paradies, with the help of David Busch and Kevin O’Connor, started System Improvements and developed the tools that started the development of TapRooT®. Linda Unger came aboard in 1989 to get things moving.

As you can tell from the old picture above, a lot has changed since 1988! TapRooT® has been developed, revised, and improved! And people have used TapRooT® to save lives, prevent injuries, improve the quality of products and services, improve equipment reliability and maintenance practices, improve productivity, and achieve operating excellence.

Because this a special year – the year that System Improvements turns 20 years old – we wanted to hold a special celebration. So at the TapRooT® Summit in Las Vegas on June 25th we will hold the System Improvements 20th Birthday Party!

Who will be there? All the Summit attendees. And we hope that includes you!

In addition, Mark Paradies, David Busch, Kevin O’Connor and Linda Unger – the people who got SI going – will be there.

Who else?


Elvis (Greg Miller) will provide entertainment. And Olympian Nikki Stone will sign autographs.


There will be food and drinks.


And there will be performance improvement exhibits.


We are planning more surprises for the party, but we won’t tell about them until the first day of the Summit.

For complete Summit information, see:


Then get signed up for a great learning event that includes a Birthday Party!


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