February 13, 2007 |

Take Time to Summit


People are busy. Some say they can’t take time to attend the Summit.

Let me explain why you can’t afford not to attend the Summit.


Reason #1: Career Advancement.

Learning & knowledge have never been more important to your career than they are now. With the workplace changing so rapidly and with so many mergers, corporate restructuring, and movement of jobs, knowledge is essential to those that want to be indispensable. You need new, quality ideas to keep your star rising.

Where can you get new ideas … Ideas that are ahead-of-the-pack? At a Summit of performance improvement leaders. Specifically, the TapRooT® Summit.


Reason #2: Learn a Diverse Mixture of Best Practices from Around the World.

Benchmarking is a good idea. Your company needs to know how it is doing among its peers in its industry.

But you need MORE than just best practices from your industry and your profession. To be creative, you need best practices from other industries, professions, and countries. Therefore, industry conferences are too insular and professional conferences trade the same old ideas.

Where can you get new ideas from a diverse group of industry leaders? The Summit of course!

Go to the Summit web site and see the diverse list of past attendees and speakers. The professions represented? Operations, Maintenance, Safety, Quality, Training, Healthcare, IT, Engineering, Consulting, Legal, Human Factors, Aviation, Risk Management, Environmental, Military, + many others … a diverse group interested in performance improvement.

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Reason #3: Avoid Burnout.

You need a source of motivation to keep you in the performance improvement fight. The Summit is the place to experience great motivational speakers and re-energize!


Reason #4: Your Next Job Contact.

Once upon a time you landed a good job and stayed there the rest of your life. Now you need a network to keep your options open. And the Summit is a great network of contacts to help you find your next job – or next great employee!


Don’t miss the Summit and miss all that you can learn and apply.

For complete Summit info see: http://www.taproot.com/summit

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