March 17, 2009 | Barb Carr

TapRooT® Around the World: Houston, Texas

What did our course attendees say about our recent root cause analysis course in Houston?


What was your overall impression of this course?

Superb in all respects.” ~ Jeff P., Director of Safety & Compliance, Marine Transportation Industry

“Very good course. Better than expected.” ~ Beth W., Chemical Industry

Did it meet your expectations? How does it compare to other classes that you have attended?

“It did meet my expectations and it was a lot more interactive than others.” ~ Carmen W., Safety Advisor, Petrochemical Industry

What benefits did you gain from this course?

“I feel it will help me with all future investigation and audits.” ~ Charles C., Manager, Engineered Equipment, Oil & Gas Industry

What did you think about the final team exercise?

“Really great to follow through an entire analysis to be able to ‘think through’ the process.” ~ Tara P., Healthcare Industry


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