August 16, 2006 | Ken Reed

TapRooT® Down Under

I’ve been away for a few weeks, visiting our Aussie neighbors. Capability Resources, one of our new partners in Australia, sponsored a 3-Day Equifactor® course in Singleton, NSW, just a few hours north of Sydney. The course was a great success, and I had the opportunity to meet equipment operators from several different segments of the mining and drilling industries.

Amazingly enough, the southern hemisphere has many of the same attributes we see here in the north. Highly safety-oriented, hard-working people, with great attidudes (and cool regional accents!). Unfortunately, they also have many of the same problems: equipment operated beyond its intended design, people making honest mistakes while trying to do the “right” thing, poorly analyzed “root causes” of equipment failures, and “break and fix” repair strategies.

Equifactor® and TapRooT® are an excellent complement to the Australian mining industry. Their high-volume and high-tech mining operations demand highly reliable equipment operation, and Equifactor® is an obvious choice for their troubleshooting toolboxes.

Thanks to Greg, Peter, and Ross for a truly enjoyable trip. I look forward to working with them again in Singapore in November!

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