December 10, 2009 | Dave Janney

TapRooT® International Style….A Busy Week!


If you have been reading the Blog entries this week, you’ve already seen that there is a lot going on around the world with TapRooT® right now; Trinidad, Vegas, Houston, Philadelphia, Nigeria, Charleston….we also have courses going on as we speak in Paris, Ohio, Toronto, and Malaysia.

In the course I am teaching in Houston, I have people from Qatar, Kuwait, Mexico, Iceland, Slovenia, Canada…..and of course, the United States.  You can see from the picture we have a large group…people who want to prevent and solve problems in their organizations.

This shows the international reach of TapRooT®, which is used all over the world, in every industry you can imagine.  Because people make mistakes regardless of their job, industry, or location.

Join us for the next course!  The public schedule is HERE, or if you have 10 or more people to be trained, you should consider an onsite course – call us at 865.539.2139 for more information.

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