May 20, 2009 | Dan Verlinde

TapRooT® Softball: Our Ladies of Mercy







The TapRooT® Softball team improved to 6-0 on the year last night, winning 20-5 in a four-inning mercy.  The team has won 5 of their 6 games this year by mercy rule, and has scored at least 15 runs in every game played.

Every softball team has great hitters in their lineup; so what is the reason behind team TapRooT®’s run production?  According to Ron V.,  who has played softball for over 30 years,  what sets this team apart from the others in the league,  is the team’s female contributors:

“Our women consistently hit the ball well which means there are no easy outs in our lineup.  Our women also provide power that surprises most of our opponent’s outfielders when the ball sails over their head.  Of all the Co-Ed teams I’ve ever played on, this is the best all-around group of women I’ve seen.”

That sentiment is seconded by Jason S., “Nobody can compete with our women.  They stretch the outfielders away from the infield and keep them on their heels all game long.”

Lets take a look at this all-star class:

Bert S. (The Star on the Rise) – Bert has been the most improved player on the team this year, as evidenced by her 3 for 3 effort in Tuesday’s victory.  In the bottom of the third inning she hit an important line drive to the outfield to help put the game out of reach.  The fact that she adds a left-handed bat to the lineup also keeps opponents moving around in the field.  Defensively, she acts as the team’s Diplomat to the Umpires when covering home plate at Catcher.

Jessica S. (The Scout) – Anyone who has played next to Jessica in the field (whether she’s playing Right Field or Third Base) knows that she is a true student of the game.  Even from the outfield she can tell you what the current hitter did their last time up, and where they are looking to hit it this time.  She also brings a live bat to the lineup, as evidenced by her one home run and countless other big hits this season.

Kori M. (The Newbie)  – A midseason addition to the team, Kori has made an immediate impact.  She has played two positions in her first two games (First Base and Left Field) and its doubtful there is a position in the field she cannot play.  Just ask the baserunner who eased back to first base after an outfield hit in Tuesday’s game. When she fired a cannon-shot to the second baseman, he realized quickly that a double was not in his future.  And just for good measure, she added a three run homer  to her performance.

Lisa C. (The Veteran) – One of the original members of this team (before it was Team TapRooT®), Lisa has not lost a step at third base, or at the plate.  Hitting second or fourth in the lineup, she guarantees a high on base percentage and a lot of RBI’s, year in and year out.  Hitting from the left side with a power swing, Lisa has been terrorizing Right Fielders all season long.  And if you want to see her flash some leather, just watch a line drive hit at her at third base.  Many a batter has sulked back to the dugout, shaking their heads after testing the third base line.

Sarah H. (The Run Producer) –  Hitting second in the lineup, Sarah is arguably the best hitter in the league (male or female).  After an at bat, she is rarely found anywhere but on base.  That is unless she has hit one of her several home runs over a surprised Left Fielder’s head.  And once she gets on base she is almost guaranteed to score.  Whether it is by hustling for extra bases or tagging up on outfield flies, she always finds her way home.  You’ll find her patrolling Left Field when she is not rounding the base paths.

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