August 12, 2009 | Dan Verlinde

TapRooT® Softball Plays By The Rules, Wins Big







The TapRooT® Softball team kicked off their second season in a fashion that resembled their first, winning 17-4.  That deficit resulted in the game being called midway through the 5th inning by rule of mercy.  The deficit could have been larger if not for the invocation of a rule that is seldom applied.

Team TapRooT® had to replace a few players from the spring season, but this seasons ‘rookies’ provided ample fire power to an already potent lineup.  In their debut, Miguel Maria, Graham Reynolds and Ashleigh Malone all contributed big hits, RBI’s and runs.

Miguel achieved the rare accomplishment of going 3 for 4, despite not being thrown or caught out while hitting.  After leading the game off with a double,  Miguel hit a home run over the right field fence in his second at bat, and hit an INSIDE-the-park home run in his third.

By rule of the league, a team can only record one OUT-of-the-park home run a game.  So when Miguel blasted his second home run over the left field fence in his fourth at bat, he was called out by the home plate umpire.

It didn’t diminish his peformance to his teamates though.  As one of them put it:  “Miguel is apparently the only person who can get Miguel out”.

Team TapRooT® starts 1-0 in the fall season and improves to 8-1 in 2009.  They will look to keep the momentum going next Tuesday.

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