December 20, 2013 | Mark Paradies

Are You Utilizing All of the Power to Get Things Done with Your TapRooT® Software?


A license to use the TapRooT® Enterprise Software is an investment in improved root cause analysis. To realize the most from that investment requires thought and support for the software installation and maintenance.

Who is the software guru at your site? Have they been trained in the software administrator features of the TapRooT® Enterprise Software? Are they utilizing all of the power to get things done that’s offered through our software?

Once a year, the TapRooT® Software Program Manager – Dan Verlinde – teaches a course to help TapRooT® Software Administrators and Program Managers get the most from their software investment.

To get the most from your TapRooT® Enterprise Software you need an administrator who understands all the built in features. They need to know how to:

  • Install the software for best performance.
  • Set-up custom fields and lists.
  • Link the software to other databases.
  • Answer users’ common questions.
  • Explain the basics of using the software.

This course is an intensive review of the TapRooT® Version 5 Web Software system administration. Topics including: installation, configuration, data migration (from Version 4), best practices, and future releases. System Administrators and TapRooT® Super Users will learn all the capabilities built into this amazing software. Don’t get just 10-20% from your software investment. Learn the full power of your TapRooT® Software!

This year the course is being held just prior to the Summit, April 7 – 8, 2014 in Horseshoe Bay Texas.

To get more information about the Summit and this course, see:

One more note. If you are attending the TapRooT® Summit, you get a $200 discount off the course fee of $1095.

To register for the course and the Summit, see:


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