October 20, 2010 | Mark Paradies

TapRooT® Summit Charity Golf Tournament Golf Parings

The TapRooT® Super Computer has made the preliminary parings for the 2010 TapRooT® Summit Charity Golf Tournament. Here are the Team Captains (in BOLD) and the teams:

Team 1:
Mark Paradies
Mike Rodriguez
Alan Smith
Buck Griffith

Team 2:
Linda Unger
John Buehrig
Zac Day
Mhorvan Sherret

Team 3:
Ed Skompski
Mike Horyza
Malcolm Gresham
Ron Pryor

Brian W Tink
Corey Black
Patrick Fortune
Keith Recsky

Team 5:
Michele Lindsey
Rick Totten
Tom Hawthorn
Dennis Steinhubl

Team 6:
Dan Verlinde
Dallas Smith
Steve Raycraft
Ken Scott

Team 7:
Ken Turnbull
Jeff Cooper
Michael Devience
Phil English

Team 8:
Brian A Tink
Glen Deveaux
Michele Young
Keith Wishoun

If you would like to play, we are still looking for a few more teams. Register by Friday at:


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