July 14, 2008 | Mark Paradies

TapRooT® Summit Golf Results

(The clubhouse view as we were leaving)

It was another outstanding TapRooT® Summit Golf Tournament.
Even though the temperature in Las Vegas edged up to 104º, the players kept their cool.


Who won?

The Brian’s Canadians claimed victory again – by one stroke (61). Although their victory was not without controversy…

At first, the pro calculated a winner other than the Canadians. He reviewed the cards again when I pointed out that I thought there was a lower score. The second time he did the math, the Canadians were declared the winner by 1 stroke.

After the awarding of trophies to the winners, another team claimed the pro had miss-added their scorecard too. They claimed that they had tied the Canadians and that they had beat the Canadians on the tie-breaker hole.

Now for the mystery.

 Ftpimages Course Images Rvcscgrid

Since it was late and the bus was there, I decided to add up the cards myself (it takes a Nuclear Engineering Masters Degree for this complex math). I put the cards in a box in the storage room back at the hotel so that I could do this when we got back to Knoxville. But when we returned to Knoxville, the box and cards were MISSING!

So the re-count couldn’t be conducted and the pro’s math can’t be challenged.

Surely the only way to settle this controversy is to conduct another tournament at the Summit next year and see if anyone can beat the low scoring Canadian team.

Here’s a link to the video that commemorates the tournament…



This was the first year that the tournament was a charity event. Players could buy a mulligan and other advantages. All the money was donated to a domestic violence shelter for women and children in Clinton, TN – The Oasis of Love – that is run by Linda Unger’s (VP at System Improvements) mother – Janice Wilson.

Golfer’s donated $1350. System Improvement’s matched that money to make the total sum raised $2,700!

Below is a picture of Janice happily receiving the money from Linda.


Also, here are more pictures of all the teams in action and the award presentations to the winning teams and the winners of the longest drive and closet to the pin competitions …

Longest Drive

Dscn0321 Dscn0321

Closest to the Pin
Dscn0322 Dscn0323

Winning Team: Brian’s Canadians…

Dscn0325 Dscn0326

Dscn0327 Dscn0328


Tom’s Team

Dsc02021 Dsc02025

Mark’s Team
Dsc02030 3

Dsc02029 Dsc02027

Linda’s Team

Dsc02033 Dsc02034

Ed’s Team

Dsc02037 Dsc02038

Chris’ Team

Dsc02040 Dsc02041

Mark O’s Team

Dsc02047 Dsc02048

Sanjay’s Team

Kevin’s Team

Dsc02052 Dsc02053

Dan’s Team

Dsc02056 Dsc02057

Malcolm’s Team

Dsc02062 Dsc02063

Brian’s Team

Dsc02068 Dsc02069-1

Richard’s Team

Dsc02074 Dsc02083

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