June 17, 2008 | Mark Paradies

TapRooT® Summit Golf Tournament Pairing and Rules Announced

The TapRooT® Super-Computer has just spit out the preliminary pairings for the exciting, upcoming TapRooT® Summit Golf Tournament at the Concord Course of the Revere Golf Club in Las Vegas. The Preliminary Pairings (subject to change with additional registrations) are:

(1) Brian Locker (leader of last year’s winning team)
Clarence Natomagan
Brian Tink
Keith Recsky

(2) Ken Turnbull (leader of the previous year’s winning team)
Patrick James
Robert Lamarche
Paul Dewar

(3) Dan Verlinde
Shane Deichman
Suzie Farley
Richard Little

(4) Ken Reed
Ronald Joseph
Steve Franker
Renee Jourdin

(5) Kevin McManus
Mikkel Broas
Richard Mesker
Johnny Collazo

(6) Sanjay Gandhi
Tracy Moy
Brian Dolin
Phil Dortch

(7) Mark Olson
Dennis Bagnoche
Tony Orr
(need one more here)

(8) Edward Skompski
Steve Dobbs
Peter Berkholz
Darren Marvin

(9) Chris Vallee
Ronald Pryor
Richard Despres
Paul White

(10) Mark Paradies
Nancy Hitchins (just riding – broken foot! – scorekeeper)
Mike Rodriguez
Amber Butterfield
Mark Cade

(11) Linda Unger
Ron Babineau
John Buehrig
Anthony Daley

This is a charity golf tournament. Here are the charity rules:

Each team member can buy 4 charity items for their own use in the tournament. Items costs $10 each. The items are:

Mulligan: Re-do on any tee-off (except the longest drive and closest-to-the-hole competitions).

Bronze Tee-off: Instead of using the regular tee (black for men and silver for women), golfers can use the bronze tee for one hole (not to be used for closest to the hole or longest drive competitions).

Toss: You can advance your ball from where it stops by tossing it as far as you can to “continue” the shot (not to be used for closest to the hole or longest drive competitions).

Save-a-stroke: You can take one stroke off your team’s score.

All of these items can only be used by the individual player that purchased them and can’t be traded or given to other team members.

Money raised will be donated to Oasis of Love Women’s Shelter in Clinton, TN. This not-for-profit, 501-c qualified shelter has been run by Linda Unger’s mother, Janice Wilson, for the past decade. It houses about a dozen women and their children who are seeking a safe transition from an abusive situation to build a new life.

(Picture of Janice Wilson receiving a car for the shelter – donated by System Improvements)

Donations can be made in cash or check (made out to Oasis of Love). Donations will be collected at the clubhouse by Benna (who is coordinating the tournament). Donations in addition to the four items above are welcome. All donations by golfers will be matched by System Improvements. We’ll post the final donation total on the TapRooT® Blog with the results of the tournament.

Here are some additional important notes that all players should read:

1. Bus transportation to and from the course is provided by System Improvements. We will meet in the hotel lobby at 12:15 and depart at 12:30.

2. Lunch, greens fees, a bucket of balls for the driving range, a hat, and a sleeve of balls are included in your tournament fee.

3. Club dress code requires a shirt with a collar. Shorts are permitted.

4. Rental clubs are available by reservation. You can still rent clubs by e-mailing Benna. Rental fees ($65) are payable when you pick up your clubs. Rentals requested for:

Dennis Bagnoche

Peter Berkholz

Mikkel Broas

Anthony Daley

Shane Deichman

Paul Dewar

Sanjay Gandhi

Renee Jourdin

Robert Lamarche

Kevin McManus

Richard Mesker

Tony Orr

Ronald Pryor

Brian Tink

Paul White

RENTERS — I NEED TO KNOW IF YOU NEED LEFT HANDED CLUBS. Otherwise, right handed clubs will be ordered. Let Benna know at: contact us.

5. The shotgun start is at 2:00. Your Team Number is your starting tee selection (subject to change). Final team notifications will be made at the Summit and final starting tee selections will be announced at lunch at the golf club.


This will be a scramble format.

In a scramble all participants tee off and then the team selects the best ball. All participants then hit from that point. This continues until someone sinks a putt. The score is the number of best ball strokes. For example if you all teed off, then everyone chipped (and someone hit the green), and then someone sunk their first putt, the score would be a 3 for that hole.

The Team Captain (in bold above) will be responsible for keeping the score and for selecting the best ball if a team can’t agree on whose ball is best.

There will also be awards for:

1) a closest to the hole and

2) the longest drive.

Men will use the tournament Men’s tees (Black) and Women will use the Silver tees.

I would suggest that teams plot their strategy at the Summit reception on Wednesday night.


Some have complained that Vegas is too hot for golf in June. Not to worry. I have already made a request for unusually cool weather on Friday of the tournament. That is why there is unusually hot weather this week – to get it over with! So I expect it to be hot (80s-90s) but less that the 105º they are expecting today. And remember – Vegas is dry heat (imagine your oven). I would recommend sun screen even if we have overcast skies (think of it as basting).

Looking forward to seeing you at the Summit!

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