April 19, 2007 |

TapRooT® Cup Tournament Pairing Have Been Announced

Here it is … The super computer pairings for the TapRooT® Cup Golf Tournament!

See the information below the pairings for complete tournament details…

Team 1
Cart A: Ken Turnbull    Andrew Sides
Cart B: Jeff Cooper        Phil Dortch

Team 2
Cart A: Brian Locker            Tom Bartzis
Cart B: John MacCormick    Gordon Mason

Team 3
Cart A: Michele Lindsay    Darren Marvin
Cart B: Keith Recsky            Richard Despres

Team 4
Cart A: Hal Curry        Tracy Moy
Cart B: Gerald Hipp    Michael Gibilterra

Team 5
Cart A: Mark Olson    David Doyle
Cart B: Sam Tittel        Dan Phillippe

Team 6
Cart A: Ken Scott            Steve McCrillis
Cart B: Marcia Harmon  Paul Krytusa

Team 7
Cart A: Ken Reed            Robert Bush
Cart B: Patrick Lackey    Joe Muehlbauer

Team 8
Cart A: Dan Verlinde    Mike Rodriguez
Cart B: Lloyd Maher      Ron Pryor

Team 9
Cart A: Linda Unger            Dana Smith
Cart B: Jade Washmon      Tara Kulin

Team 10
Cart A: Mark Paradies    Chuck Selman
Cart B: Joel McAlister      Shay Underwood

Team 11
Cart A: Ed Skompski          Steve Dobbs
Cart B: Daniel Stevenson    Reynard Burgess

Team 12
Cart A:  Kevin McManus    Jimmy Owen
Cart B:  Buck Griffith            Catherine Griffith

 Blog Winners-1

Tee 1 was given to Ken Turnbull as the team captain of last year’s championship team.

 Blog Imgp0448-1

Tee 2 was given to Brian Locker for being team captain of the winning team for the prior two years.

Now for administrative details:

1. Contact your Team Captain to plan your transportation (let him/her know if you have a car available).

2. Lunch, greens fees, a bucket of balls for the driving range, a hat, and a sleeve of balls are included in your tournament fee.

3. Rental clubs are available by reservation (those of you who have reserved clubs already are listed below). You can still rent clubs by e-mailing Katrina before 4/21. Rental fees are payable when you pick up your clubs.

4. The lunch buffet starts at 12:15.

5. The shotgun start is at 1:30. Your Team Number is your starting tee selection.

RULES: This will be a scramble format.

In a scramble all participants tee off and then you select the best ball. All participants then hit from that point. This continues until someone sinks a putt. The score is the number of best ball strokes. For example if you all teed off, then everyone chipped (and someone hit the green), and then someone sunk their first putt, the score would be a 3 for that hole. The Team Captain (in bold) will be responsible for keeping the score and for selecting the best ball if the team can’t agree on whose ball is best.

There will also be awards for 1) a closest to the hole (two holes) and 2) the longest drive (on two holes).

 Portals 61 Images Rep Home Bqt1

For those who would like a course preview and directions, here’s the course’s web site:


Men will use the normal Men’s tees and Women can use the Women’s tees.

I would suggest that teams plot their strategy at the Summit reception on Wednesday night.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Summit!


Rental Clubs reserved for: (R = Right handed, L = Left Handed)

Phil Dortch R
John MacCormick L
Steve McCrillis L
Kevin McManus R
Dan Phillipe R
Ron Pryor L
Mike Rodriguez R
Chuck Selman R
Andy Sides R

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