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TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Implementation – The Roadmap

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Easy Way to Implement TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis

Of course, the easiest way to implement TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis is to attend a course and get started applying it.

When implementing the TapRooT® System at a big site or major corporation, it is better to have a plan … a roadmap that management agrees to, and resources to make sure that implementation is successful.

How to Develop an Implementation Roadmap

But how does a new TapRooT® User develop a roadmap?

We can help!

First, we wrote a book to give you an outline and some details about implementing TapRooT®. The book’s name?

TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Implementation

Just click on the link above to order a copy.

Each company is different so the book provides a checklist to help a company develop an implementation plan.

There are 15 best practices in the checklist to consider when developing the plan. They are:

  1. Need to improve clearly defined.
  2. Senior management support achieved.
  3. Written program plan approved by senior management.
  4. Proactive improvements drive improvement success.
  5. Use advanced root cause analysis for both reactive and proactive investigations.
  6. Improvement accomplishments being communicated successfully.
  7. Adequate budget/staffing for the improvement organization.
  8. Training plan implemented.
  9. Employees, supervisors, managers, and contractors/suppliers willingly participate in the program.
  10. Software selected, customized, and implemented.
  11. Performance measures and advanced trending techniques used by management to guide the program.
  12. Organizational learning occurring by effective sharing of lessons learned.
  13. Plan for continuous improvement of the program is followed.
  14. Leadership succession plan established.
  15. Rewards program being used effectively.

This list was developed as a checklist for people evaluating an existing TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Program. Notice anything in the list that is missing from your program? Do you have items that need improvement?

Where did this list come from? We studied many successful (and some not so successful) improvement programs across a wide variety of industries. From that benchmarking of best-in-class programs, we developed a list of traits (above) for a successful performance improvement program.

The list isn’t in the order that you might implement an improvement program. Rather, the list is in the order that one might audit a program to identify gaps.

The book is more than a list. It describes each of the best practices and provides suggestions for your program.

Starting from Scratch to Develop a Roadmap

What if you want to start from scratch to develop your implementation of a TapRooT®-based improvement initiative? We would be happy to help. Contact us at THIS LINK or call us at 865-539-2139 for a no-cost consultation. Develop your specific plan to use TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis to achieve world-class performance.

For existing TapRooT® Users, if you would like us to audit your use of TapRooT® and provide suggestions to improve your implementation, we would be happy to do that as well. Contact us at THIS LINK or call us at 865-539-2139 to get your audit scheduled.

Networking to Improve Your Roadmap

One more idea. If you would like to network with leading TapRooT® Users and get the latest best practices to improve your root cause analysis efforts, attend the Global TapRooT® Summit. We make networking and learning best practices fun. We guarantee that you will take home ideas that make the time spent at the Summit worthwhile.

The 2020 Global TapRooT® Summit is being held on March 9-13 near Austin, TX, at the Horseshoe Bay Resort. Don’t miss out. Register at this link:

Video About Building a Roadmap

Here is a TapRooT® TV segment about building a roadmap at the last Summit…

And we have ideas for making the session even better at the 2020 Global TapRooT® Summit to help you improve your improvement program (including your implementation of TapRooT®).

Get the Book and Register for the Summit

Order the book by clicking HERE.

Register for the 2020 Global TapRooT® Summit by clicking HERE.

And for more information about HOW TO register for the Summit, watch this video…

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