May 3, 2021 | Angie Comer

Join us for the PreSummit: Virtual or In Person 2-Day Getting the Most from Your TapRooT® Software Course

Software Course

Dan Verlinde, Chief Technology Officer, and Angie Comer, Senior Product Manager, will be teaching the TapRooT® Software Course, June 14 – 15th, Knoxville, Tennessee.

It is a live course that is also streamed and taught virtually.

Who should attend?

Whether you are a System Administrator or a TapRooT® User, you will learn all the capabilities built into this amazing software. Don’t get just 10-20% of your software investment. Learn the full power of your TapRooT® Software!

To get the most from your TapRooT® VI Software you need to learn how to:

  • create your own custom tabs, fields and pick lists.
  • design and build your own reports.
  • select global preferences for your company, including language options.
  • select SnapCharT® preferences for yourself.
  • use optional investigation techniques including the new Causal Factor technique.
  • grade your investigations using the new grading tool.
  • utilize the mobile app that connects to your software.

Because the TapRooT® Software is constantly updated and this course brings you the latest information about the software, you could say this course is new every year!

Software Course Outline

Day 1 – Navigating the software as an Investigator (9:00 am EST to 5 pm EST with a 1 hour lunch break)

Day 2 – Configuring and Customizing the software as an Administrator (9:00 am EST to 5 pm EST with a 1 hour lunch break)

Each student must have their own computer and will be provided access to a TapRooT® Software site. For virtual attendees, students should have a webcam on during the class, allowing them to see the instructor and interact with the class.

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