October 18, 2005 | Mark Paradies

TapRooT® System Software Update Issues

Hello everyone, Evan Erwin here. I provide Technical Support for the company, and am stopping by for a quick FYI. To those who have updated their TapRooT® System Software to version 4.0.5, please note that we have recalled this update from the website due to Importing/Exporting incident errors.

When you go to the Software Updates Page you’ll see the update is now missing. We’re working hard on getting these issues resolved as soon as possible, and plan on releasing a new update sometime in the near future.

Until the new version/update is released, for who have version 4.0.5, please refrain from using the Import/Export feature, particularly on Single User installations, where the errors are most frequently occuring.

Please note that all other areas of the program appear to be working just fine.

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