March 30, 2006 | Mark Paradies

TapRooT(R) Summit Golf Tournament – Pairings Announced

Just a week and a day until the TapRooT(R) Summit Golf Tournament.


(Brian’s winning team last year – I’m the tall one handing out the trophy)

The office handicappers have it a close three way race between defending champion Brian Locker (with a new team), Ed Skompski (with a strong set of teammates), and Linda Unger (also with a strong team). However, office gossip is often wrong so don’t be disheartened if your team wasn’t the pre-tournament favorite.

For team pairings and tee-times, see the list below. (Click on the “Continue reading” link below.)


The numbers you see next to the team captain isn’t any kind of ranking, it is the tee-off order. Brian’s team – the returning champions – get the honor of teeing off first at 12:30. The rest of us will follow hot on his heals!

Now for administrative details …

Tournament Type and Scoring

The tournament format will be a Team Scramble.

In this format all participants tee off and then you select the best ball. All participants then hit from that point. This continues until someone sinks a putt. The score is the number of best ball strokes. For example if you all teed off, then everyone chipped (and someone hit the green), and then someone sunk their first putt, the score would be a 3 for that hole. The Team Captain (see assignments below) will be responsible for keeping the score and for selecting the best ball if the team can’t agree on whose ball is best.

There will also be awards for 1) a closest to the hole and 2) a longest drive on one hole.

For those who are really serious … use this link to see the course layout:

I have played this course once and forgot about the creek until I looked the course layout. I can’t remember how many balls the creek ate when I played … but it was more than two. It was a ball magnet for me.

Men will use the normal Men’s tee-off area and Women can tee-off from the Women’s tees.

Lunch, Transportation, & Rental Clubs

Everyone needs to arrive at the course between by 12 – 12:30. Lunch (either a chicken sandwich or a burger) will start at 12:00.

No special means of transportation has been arranged. You will need to coordinate your arrival at the course with your Team Captain. I would suggest that anyone planning to rent a car or have a car available, contact their Team Captain by e-mail (see e-mail addresses below) and volunteer to drive for your team. There will be directions to the course at the conference registration table or see the course web site (

There is a separate charge for club rental and reservation need to be made in advance to make sure that the right clubs are available (right or left hand). For those who have already arranged for rental clubs, the clubhouse has your order. However, I’ve been informed that we have taken all their right hand rental clubs so if you haven’t arranged for clubs, hall your own! (I will try to scare up a few more sets of clubs – steal my son’s clubs – but I can’t guarantee anything…)

Cart, Balls, + More

Your registration fee includes your lunch, greens fee, and cart fee. However this course does not have a driving range … so we will all start off with an equal handicap of being cold. Your first drive will be … your first drive. You will also get a sleeve of TapRooT(R) balls for the tournament (surely you won’t loose more than two balls), and a TapRooT(R) ball cap to keep the sun off your noggin (the hats are in coordinated team colors!). If you need more balls, there is a pro-shop on site and they will be HAPPY to sell you some.



Trophies at the Closing Ceremonies

The awards of the team and individual trophies will be held at about 7 PM in 19th hole (the grill). The airport (in Knoxville) is over an hour away so definitely don’t plan to catch a flight that night.

Golf Copy


Teams & Tee-Times

Our patented double-secret computerized tournament pairing algorithm came up with the following team pairings and tee times for the tournament:

Mark Paradies – Team Captain – 2 (12:40)

Greg Allan

Mike Rodriguez

Tim Callais

Linda Unger – Team Captain – 6 (1:20)

Jade Washmon

Mark Proud

Dana Smith

Ed Skompski – Team Captain – 3 (12:50)

Mike Kelley

Dave Dunderdale

Steve Dobbs

Ken Reed – Team Captain – 5 (1:10)

Ron Joseph

Daniel Gaffney

John Crabtree

Michele Lindsay – Team Captain – 7 (Team Canada 2) (1:30)

Tom Bartzis

Richard Schewaga

Richard Despres

Brian Locker – Team Captain – 1 (Team Canada 1) (Tee-Time 12:30)

Wayne Summach

Mike LeMay

Larry Trimble

Ken Turnbull – Team Captain – 8 (1:40)

Dannon Peterson

Damian Shaw

Jeff Cooper

Mike Casada – Team Captain – 4 (1:00)

David Mize

Richard Mains

Jim Keith

Kevin McManus – Team Captain – 9 (1:50)

Dan Phillipe

Mark McCrillis

Buddy Mee

Katrina Kidd – Team Captain (Katrina is not playing) – 10 (2:00)

Kana Muthiah

Andy Sides

Mark Cade

Joey Wills

That’s it. See you at the Summit!


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